Dawn of Innovation

Tools for Web 3.0

  • Photokit converts user-submitted photos into engaging games and displays - instantly. (more info
  • tEarn Exitmercial (more)
  • Google FriendConnect and CMS - your own Facebook
  • Boomer Media Group (private

Social Media Strategists

Publishers and businesses are using the boomer network, photokit, and exitmercials to build, grow, and quickerfy their online communities. (#1 at Google blogsearch for 'Economics of Advertising' in 12 months; #1 Twitter app with largest number of followers in 2 months; and #3 in Silicon Valley at Twitter)

Niche Markets:
Local Markets:
B2B Markets:

Past Web Projects

  • AeONsafe Wi-Fi - 160 websites for newspapers and local restaurants
  • BLOSM - platform for 1,000 writers
  • SuperSite - 380 websites for publishers, B2B markets
  • Over 10 million unique users and 15 years of web community experience