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Photokit Technology

The photokit technology is patent-pending, proprietary software available to Boomer Media members and clients only. It converts user-submitted photos into engaging, interactive displays and games.

PhotoKit Quickerfies
Photokit enables Flash-like features without the time and money spent on debugging Javascript, CSS3, Google Apps, jquery, Canvas, or Actionscript.
The platform is a multi-function gadget that can be installed on most CMS (content management system.) The gadget unifies photos from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, FlickR, Picasa, Youtube, and Pipes and converts photos into interactive displays and games - that works consistently on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. 

Like ticker tapes on financial websites, Photokit streams multiple photo sources to any web page. See the Media Life example that streams photos from FlickR, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, and Live to create dynamic photo profiles for the top 100 new media gurus. Are you on the list?

Photokit consumes the massively available media resources on the web and adds interactivity to your pages. True AJAX and cloud integration, your website does not need servers, server platforms, additional bandwidth, or computing resources. Photokit uses the open web and the visitor's device to do it's magic.

Sample Match Game

Take a spin with these magic photos.

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